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For teachers reading this, I would be working with my students on careful reading of the text. It has many simple comments underlined which could be about practically any text, but they show a simple understanding of structure. writing essay help gifs It has some more specific comments on the aspects of structure that it has picked out, although mostly that involves putting it into their own words or explaining briefly how it sounds. The question is asking you: Use subject terminology appropriately and carefully , but do not use it to have a feature-led approach.

You can find some more here. Above all, think about what is the main idea the writer is trying to convey. custom research paper definition This question is designed to stretch you! Like Paper 1, the second half of the paper will involve answering one extended writing question, but this time the student will need to write to present a viewpoint.

First, she dug away sinewy weeds and vines, chicory, wild mustard, tall grasses, in the area out of which the cry had emanated; she managed to uncover the earth, which was rich with compost, very dark, moist. You can see this one kind of has a theme. cheapest essay write your dream house Out of the old garage, that had once been a stable, the woman got a shovel, a spade, a rake, these implements festooned in cobwebs and dust, and began to dig. She dug again, deepening and broadening the hole which was like a wound in the jungle-like vegetation.

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Finally that works in the strand about ideas and perspectives: Those questions will help you find interesting things about organisation and the way the ideas are put together. Narrowing in is precisely that — focusing in on one or two key words in a quote.

Indeed, many of the top level scripts are narratives. Underline practically everything — quote practically nothing. It asks you to explore HOW the writer does something. Those three things cover most of the structural aspects you will ever need to write about. Another thing I know some students had been told to do — cram a load of words in there.

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Modern Texts and Poetry. Squatting then above the jagged hole, turning the skull in her fingers. ghostwriter for hire kindle Like Paper 1, the second half of the paper will involve answering one extended writing question, but this time the student will need to write to present a viewpoint.

Question 4 is going to ask you to refer to the later section of the text. I know equally though that there will be candidates who will go straight for 2 or 3 quotes in each colour and that will be fantastic. buy essay writing useful phrases How clearly is your writing structured? You guess that they read it because they have written about it. So she set again to work.

By the time you get to Q4, you want to know the passage fairly well. Why is the writer taking me through this particular sequence? Mrs Clare Duffy, Head of English:

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But you want to know how do you get as many marks as possible. Why is it important that we agree with Rufus Carmichael when he is speaking at that point? Broad brushstrokes are big sections of underlined bits. They kind of go straight for the juicy bits that they can squeeze a lot of use out of and instinctively know which bits will lead them up a dead end, comment-wise.

Not even the most able candidates can do that. Is the language and grammar secure? There are a lot of features on there and this kind of candidate has obviously been taught the importance of thinking before they write, but not how to do it in a way that will help them.

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